Not a privilege. A disability.

Call it hubris, arrogance or inflated self worth. I call it white blindness. It is a dangerous strain of self deception and delusion on a societal scale. White blindness is the sort of unconscious incompetence makes idiots believe they can run the country, and makes other similarly deluded idiots believe in them.

On an individual level, white male subjects of news coverage are conferred a level of intelligence, innocence, humanity and noble intention despite all evidence to the contrary
– each act of white police brutality is reported as a “bad apple” incident
– white male incidents of date rape and non-consensual sex are described as cases of “boys will be boys”
– white lacrosse player suspects accused of rape are referred to as “kids” and “boys”
– The president’s son, a 30-year old white man whose emails reveal collusion with Russians is described as “a good kid”
– And of course, the most glaring case of white blindness is the very election of Donald Trump himself, a man whose racial bias, misogyny, narcissism, instability, low intelligence and inane utterances are excused as “crazy like a fox.” “telling it like it is….”

You cannot have an honest conversation about race until you realize this phenomenon is not a “privilege.” It is a disability.

Call it what it is, or else the society will never evolve. Who, in their right mind, would give up a “privilege?”

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