Power and protest

The only reason protests lead to change is because the larger the protest, the greater the fear of those in power that they will lose power either by being voted out of office or through revolution. (Those in power may enact laws to right wrongs and bring justice in response to public protests, but make no mistake, they have not changed significantly in their world view or personality.) But what if a leader doesn’t fear losing power? What if a leader doesn’t fear the typical implications of mass protests because he doesn’t really want to be in  that office anyway (and might subconsciously welcome impeachment or removal from office),  or because he knows that his party holds the majority in houses of power and will never vote to impeach him? And further, what if that leader has no shame, no moral compass or even the desire to maintain the facade of being perceived to have one? How, then, do “we the people” enforce the will of the majority or moral rectitude on those in public office?

You cannot have an honest conversation about race in America unless you accept that
empathy is not a feature of the colonizer’s mentality. To continue this conversation, see A Dishonest Conversation About Race: an introduction to white blindness, racism by default and the vocabulary of bias in America here

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